3 Tips on How You Should Take Care of Your Dinnerware When Moving to a New Home

One of the most precious and fragile things on your movers’ list is your dinnerware set. You will want to keep this safe and protected as your furniture and other items are transported to your new home. You will want all your breakable items to be packed properly. Here are three tips that you can follow to make sure that your dinnerware collection stays safe and intact on moving day.


  1. Do not use moving boxes for your dinnerware.

You dinnerware collection will not be safe if it is packed inside a regular moving box. Instead of using a box, find a good and sturdy plastic container. Choose one that can carry the weight of the dinnerware.  Likewise, be sure that the container has handles. Aside from plastic containers, you can also use big, rectangular plastic storage boxes with wheels. This will not only keep your dinnerware safe, but it will also be easier to move the container around. Before putting the dinnerware items inside the plastic containers, make sure that they are individually wrapped in old newspapers or magazines. This is to make sure that they do not move inside the container as they are being transported.


  1. Cover the container with paper of bits and pieces of foam.

Before placing your dinnerware set inside the plastic container, fill it first with crumpled paper (from old magazines or newspapers) or with bits and pieces of foam (Styrofoam). Make sure that the bottom part of the container is securely filled. This is to ensure that the items inside the container will not easily break or crack when it is shaken or dropped. Once the dinnerware is positioned inside the container, fill in the empty spaces with the crumpled paper and bits of Styrofoam. For added security, arrange the dinnerware plates with the largest one placed at the bottom.


  1. Finally, list your items before sealing the container.

Make a list of all the items that you placed inside the container. It is always advisable to have an inventory of your thing when moving. This way, it will be easy for you to trace which item is inside which box. After completing the list, seal your container and label it. Ensure that you label is complete: box/container number, room assignment, your name & new address.

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