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HardDanceLondon was created by people who know the kind of sacrifices one has to make to ensure a safe and successful relocation. These people are homeowners who have moved from one place to another several times. One day, they decided to pool their experiences and resources together and create a blog for people like them. The result is HardDaneLondon, a true blue online venue for individuals and groups realizing the joys and pains of moving.

We feature news, updates, tips, suggestions, How-tos, discussions, and videos that are all about or related to moving. Sometimes, we feature stories shared by our readers. These stories come from their treasure throve of memories. And they share their experiences wholeheartedly, in the hopes that you and all the others in need of guidance will be able to learn and find what they need.

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So if you want your moving experience to be fun, memorable, and unique, let HardDanceLondon be your official guide to moving and relocation.