HardDanceLondon organizes events that allow its team and community members to socialize and interact with each other in the real world; not just online. These events open up opportunities for anyone who wishes to learn more about moving and relocation. Likewise, these events serve as a way for us to solicit ideas from you.


Movers’ Exhibits

Movers’ exhibits are events where moving companies can show off the stuff they are made of. These exhibits also give people the chance to find a moving company they might want to hire or work with. The exhibits are like live and moving directories of moving companies.


Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences

Our seminars, workshops, and conferences are intended for everyone in the moving and relocation industry. We invite well-respected speakers and resource persons to facilitate these events, which are perfect for moving companies and homeowners, especially those who are currently planning to move or relocate.


Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are like open markets where homeowners can find the best products for their new homes. Most of the items on display and for sale are affordable as they come straight from the manufacturers or the factory.


House Fairs

House fairs are quite similar to trade fairs except for the fact that the exhibitors and sellers are real estate companies. These fairs are the ideal venue for homeowners looking for a home to move into, as well as for newlyweds and families in search of their ideal home.